Gallery rental of this location is based on availability and gallery acceptance.  For each of the two front areas or “rooms,” there is the possibility that a non-member artist will be able to have his/her own show, if no member artist will be exhibiting during that month.

There is an application form (at the gallery). The visiting artist’s work will be viewed, and acceptance will be determined by a vote of B.J. Spoke Gallery members. The cost is $1,500 for a one month rental.  The gallery will publicize via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the show, but it is strongly recommended that the individual artist do additional publicity, including a card, email, press releases, etc.  There is a gallery commission of 25% on work sold. The exhibitor will make arrangements for any reception, and may share a reception with any co-exhibitor that month.

For additional information, please download the following brochure.