Karen L. Kirshner

Karen L. Kirshner, Abstract Artist

When I begin a painting, I never know what I am going to do. I just know I want to gesso with black or white or clear gesso, and whether or not I want to start with a particular color. I have often compared my approach to solving jigsaw puzzles — the more complex, the more challenging. I have always been a creative who thinks ‘outside the box’. After all, we absorb so much “gunk” in our communications and we are troubled when life seems to be headed out of our control. The best way to cleanse one’s senses is with a ritual of drawing, painting and writing. Art is easiest for me; it flows from emotion and spirit and takes shape — from intrinsic importance to physical reality. …From nothingness comes something to share. My paintings are bright, colorful and invigorating andI’ve been told and seen firsthand that they lift people’s spirits. A visitor to one of my shows commented, “your paintings are so happy” and I responded, “that’s because I’m happy when I’m painting them.”

I’ve observed my complex pieces captivate the curious, as they search for meaning in the detailed imagery. I’ve been told my paintings fascinate and fans have told me that they could spend hours looking at one of them and still find more each time. I liken it to finding buried treasure. Each person finds their own meaning and value in a work of art. I enjoy painting. It’s liberating when my emotions and spirit is expressed. Each painting is a piece of my soul. Each is also unique and has an identity of its own, much like my children, if I had any. My creations are my children. I have two original styles. The first is “complex abstracts”. A critic once said of them a few years back that they seem to be an “organized chaos”. I prefer to be more positive and see them as “intelligent abstracts”. I created the style. In addition to my proclivity for the complex and unorthodox approach, I love surrealism and I have an abstract surrealistic style that I refer to as my “Doodle / Casual style”. I work passionately, intuitively and I refuse to follow other’s rules. People have told me that the colors I’ve used others don’t dare put together because they’re” not supposed to“ and then they’re because they say, when I do it, it works. You can call me an “intuitive painter” or “a colorist” or “an abstract-surrealistic organic and geometric anarchist.” Whatever you call me, I hope you like what you see.  
To see more of my work please visit  karenlkirshner.com

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