Katherine Criss

Artist Statement

Ms. Criss is a fine art photographer and painter, with more than thirty years experience as a curator, editor and researcher. In 2000, under the mentorship of Ernestine Ruben, Ms. Criss refined her series of layered images that encourages viewers to look beyond the obvious for universal truths.

Ms. Criss said “My work is a meditation, whether I am creating a layered photographic image or a surreal painting.  I use my art as a visual form of communication, and I am most inspired by irony in life, finding sorrow in beauty and joy in tragedy.”

A NYC native, Katherine was encouraged in her creativity by her father, a prominent American painter, Francis Criss. He steered her toward a photography class taught by Bernice Abbott at the New School. After completing a BFA at SVA, she established a freelance business and worked on projects like an historic exhibit for the National Board of the YWCA. In 1992 she joined Professional Women Photographers and served as President for seven years. Now she represents the Francis Criss Collection of paintings and collages, as well as her own fine art photography archive which can be viewed on http://katherinecriss.com/ 

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KC – Easter Parade

Katherine Criss


Artist Katherine Criss

Mountain Mist by Katherine Criss

Criss_13_Homebound Lullaby-24×20-2010

Criss-No War

Criss_6_Old Tree Over Biarritz Bay


Criss_14_A Cardboard Carpet to Dreamland-20×12-2010

Criss_17_Tropic of Candor

Katherine Criss

Katherine Criss

Criss_3 She Walks on Water

Criss_Katherine_2 Blue Rock with Ducks