Mark Vogler

Mark was born and raised on Long Island and currently resides in Huntington Village. Coming from a family of contractors and home builders Mark was exposed to creativity at an early age. He started working on his father’s job sites during the summer months as young as 13. He was fascinated watching a home built from the ground up and soon followed in his father’s footsteps starting his own construction company doing renovations and home building. After raising 4 children, one of which has her own family with 3 children, Mark was eventually able to retire from construction and focus on painting. His work is mostly comprised of surrealistic landscapes featuring bold birch trees, colorful skies and water. Mark likes to include silhouettes of people in his paintings to encourage the viewers mind to wander into the painting. Mark prefers acrylic paint but also enjoys using a palette knife with oil paint.

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Our Happy Place

Steamboat Willie in

Vase of Flowers


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