Vaiva Tuckuviene

Vaiva’s Art is unique. Using her Fusion Reiki skills (certified 2 level Reiki practitioner), she puts a lot of positive energy into each piece of her artwork. By combining acrylic painting with a pouring technique, she uses both different practical mediums like cups and kitchen utensils, and naturally found items in nature, to get shapes in her paintings. She likes to dance with her hands during the painting process. The moment that she pours colors, is by intuition and deep from her heart, paint flows with a happy mood and meaning from her heart and soul. Her artwork is like an energy chat with the Universe about important things like humanity, nature, and especially ocean creatures. Her artwork brings awareness of surroundings and talks about important things we have to take care of as a society. Vaiva’s art talks about Universe, Love, and her deep connection to both. She does Reiki on each of her artwork. Therefore, her work awakens and gives out a healing energy to the viewers.