Artist Circle 2024

This event will take place on the following schedule in 2024 For a full description of what this discussion group is like, follow this link: Artist Circle Discussion Group

Long Island Center of Photography

The Long Island Center of Photography will be showing work in the Gallery's front room. There will also be a new show of member work. Reception date July 7, 2-4. They say “Less is More,” yet In a typical art show many artists seem to feel that “bigger is better” and the “WOW Factor” reigns

Artist Choice

Always a bj spoke gallery favorite.  Each of our member artists chooses a fellow artist to show work.  Reception date: Saturday, August 3, 2-5pm.

Jo Gray solo show

Artist Jo Gray will be showing work in the gallery's front room, and there will be a show of new member work in the rest of the gallery.  Reception date: Sunday, September 1, 2-5pm.

Harvest of Artists

Always popular, this is the gallery's open invitational for local artists who care to join us. Reception date to be announced.