Minoo Moadel

Artist Statement

Minoo Moadel entered the world of visual art through photography. She had always been drawn to abstract art, formally trained at the Art Students League in New York City. The inspiration for her work is derived from nature and the human form. Minoo incorporates broad brush strokes, finger-painting, squeegee patterns, paint dripping and knife-scraping, culminating into the final image. In terms of Minoo’s philosophy of art, she posits that there is a creative relationship between the artist and the viewer; the artist creates an image that is experienced by the viewer through the recollection of their memories, emotions and spirituality. In essence, the artwork is a collaborative effort between the artist who creates the piece and the viewer who interprets the work through their own unique vision and experience. 

In 2019, Minoo began experimenting with multiple media, exhibiting her abstract works accompanied by instrumental music that was inspired by her work. In this manner, she created an immersive atmosphere for the viewer to experience the art in both visual and auditory realms. Following her interdisciplinary collaboration, Minoo has been inspired by themes surrounding climate change and the environment. In 2020, she began  developing a new style, composition and color pallet. Currently, Minoo derives inspiration from her internal and external reality beyond the conscious mind into the unconscious realm. She is portraying her interpretation of reality on the surface of the canvas within the current time and culture of the 21st century. 

To see more of my work, please visit my website at – minoomoadelfinearts.com