Paula Mans

Paula Mans tells the many stories of the global Black experience through collage. The artist views collage as emblematic of the cultural and historical interconnectedness of the African Diaspora. Just as the dispersed people of the African Diaspora are tied together by the common thread of ancestry, in collage, small, seemingly disjointed pieces are fused to communicate one story. In her most recent body of work, entitled Resist | Insist, Paula Mans creates a series of monochromatic figurative analog collages that engage in visual discourse surrounding the (in)visibility and agency of people of African descent. The works subvert notions of power, creating a visual plane that exists beyond the grasp of the White gaze. Rather than being images to be viewed and consumed, the figures look defiantly out onto the world. Just as the title of the series implies, her figures do more than simply exist. They resist and insist.

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