Sandro Sebastian interview

Sandro Sebastian (born in Los Angeles, CA) is a painter who lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

What attracted you to the b.j. spoke gallery open call?

The gallery website was impressive, and thorough. The organization seems well organized, with solid leadership and effective promotion strategies. For any artist looking to increase their exhibition resume or gain exposure, an opportunity to be represented by these people is a gift.

How would you describe your artistic inspiration?

I draw from classical works from the past, and enjoy hearing the voices of cultures and civilizations long gone, yet still have a relevance when you look at their work. The thing that compels me the most is the idea of a universal golden thread that runs through humanity between time periods and eras of history. I’m trying to create something that keeps its fresh breath of life even after our way of life has evolved into another.

Can you detail the story behind one of your works selected for the exhibition?

The painting: A seated Muse was my attempt to do a figure with little to no background. I was trying to break away from a formerly frantic need to fill the background with noise to keep it interesting, and instead give the viewer an excuse to want to stare at the figure herself, letting her mesmerize you with an exotic pose. I like her presence not just as a classically posed human figure, but a design and attitude that borrows from African figurines, or even little Buddha statues of Asian cultures. She’s earthy as well as classy. The original layer was in acrylic paint, and then I went over it in oil.