Paul Acevedo Gomez

I purposely combine objects that can be perceived as conflicting, altering their function to reference elements that are both playful and painful. The images suggest a celebration of cultural identity, vitality, but also psychological pain. The viewer should question the combination of objects and the potential danger behind their function. Through the process and creation of new forms, I question my identity and embody myself and experiences. Using multiple mediums like printmaking, drawing, and sculpture, I portray past and present experiences living in Mexico and the United States. Each piece is a different take on my hybrid identity, which is in turn complied of historical references, compositions like Rodin’s Thinker, Gabriel Orozco and Diego Rivera’s Murals, Pop culture, Piñatas, and native plants to the USA and Mexico like prickly pear cactus, century plant and cholla cactus. I fit multiple ideas in each composition, to understand and talk about my individual experience.

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