Orli Swergold

Paper pulp transforms into an amorphous intelligent life force. Operating with swarm intelligence, it replicates forms in its surroundings while adapting to its environment. With this versatile plant matter, I create sculptures that fuse human and other, industrial and organic. The resulting artworks generate a quiet sense of the uncanny while prompting viewers contemplate mortality. To make my works I cover wire bases in paper pulp recycled from discarded cloth. I use natural and synthetic pigments and repetitive textures to transform my materials into seemingly animate objects. By combining human made and organic elements, I create artworks that fuse floral, animal, and geological characteristics. Tentacles, mounds, and bony outgrowths recall bodies while invented color and dappled surfaces suggest the slow formation of stalagmites/stalactites and underlying botanical presences. Their form, color, and texture exude hybridity and conjure the interconnectivity of all earthly things.

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