Noreen Dean Dresser

Crowd Sourcing 2020-22* The Psalms conceptually informed these compositions of fire with questions of death, destruction, war, harmful intent, protection, and grace. These ancient questions span the millennium. Today’s questions of political power, vast non-essential consumption, and plastic waste raise anew the spectrum of evil. The one un-lit wooden match is again the speaker of the Psalm. Our human intent directs fire which can be a source of thoughtful light or mass destruction. Wood matches as elements in this series, compose the narrative for the human community. Fire, known and unknown moves through each graphite carbon drawn match, forming the composition with marks on wood, ash, and the sweat of a watercolor pencil. Copper horse nails mount the paper drawings affixing them to the larger wood panel. These drawings offer the viewer insight into our capacity to bring light or destruction. Noreen Dean Dresser c2020-2022 * With the onslaught of CO

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