Hannah Duggan

Within my current body of ceramic work, I print digital imagery on porcelain tablets appearing as faux printer paper. The digital space is a vast archive instigating and recording both private and social behavior. We rely upon digital interfaces to deliver essential information as well as for social interaction, exacerbated by quarantining and remote working wrought by the pandemic. Though viewed as a vessel of stability, the digital interface is actually unstable. The information contained digitally is constantly shifting, updating, and refreshing. Despite its fragility, clay is one of our most archival materials; its stable, physical qualities serve as a counter to the fugitive and flickering nature of the screen. Translating digital imagery onto the static, rigid surface of clay, however, allows me to mark and emboss subjective thought and feeling about the less accessible aspects of the digital. This materiality literally enables me to engage with the effect technology is having on human experience. 

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