Erica Stoller

The subject matter of my work is the material itself. I am interested in exploring shape, color, texture by cutting, bending, rolling, attaching, and in the process, comparing qualities and strengths of various materials. Having recently moved to a smaller studio with a low ceiling, paper has become the primary material and the size of the work has adapted accordingly. I use rescued /recycled cardboard and colored paper to emphasize depth, shadows, some movement, and even the sounds that may be created by moving parts. Of special interest are aspects and possibilities of found corrugated cardboard, sometimes including printed information. The pieces may hang on a flat surface, lurk in corners, and touch walls, ceiling, and floor. Recent works refer to artists’ books, and the sequential discovery as in reading a text, from page to page or from side to side. Paper (already recycled; ready to recycle again) is a responsible material and is now central to my sculpture now.

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