Debra Disman

I currently work in the form of the book, in forms evoked by the book, and in multidimensional media of my own devising. Although the work remains tethered to loose definitions of the book as structure, it is moving progressively into other sculptural and conceptual realms where devotion to material labor and a passion for the haptic become powerful motivators and themes. Having worked in the realm of the built environment for many years, I am fascinated by the parallels between books and buildings in terms of architecture, meaning and utility. Each constructs public and private spaces where stories are “read” on many levels, often revealing more than their authors and makers ever intended. Related to the body and the corporeal space it creates and inhabits, my work seeks to offer places of contemplation, solace and bafflement, while instigating exploration, investigation and examination of what we think we know, and are.

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