Lance Langel interview

Lance Langel (1999, Little Rock, AR) is a fine art and fashion photographer currently residing in Savanna, GA while studying photography at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Where do you look for artistic inspiration?

I find inspiration through my own experiences and the experiences of others. The struggle that comes with being human is a beautiful aspect of life and from it, we are greeted with beautiful imagery. In some facet, all creatives are expressing a sense of self in their work. Through this, I am constantly inspired by the artwork I am presented in the creative community because there is so much to learn.

How would you like viewers to receive your work in this digital exhibition space?

– As a Gen Z photographer, displaying my work in a digital space is nothing new. I presented with all forms of art through technology so I am excited to share my work through a digital exhibition. Though there is nothing better than a physical print of a photograph, we must be able to produce work to be displayed in all facets. The most adaptable artists are the most successful.

How will you continue to evolve your artistic practice?

I feel that every day my art and I are evolving. As an artist, our work is synonymous to our ego. Thus, as we mature and grow, so does our art. When I began my artistic practice at SCAD, I was strictly on a commercial route; now, as I am looking to graduate in March, I feel that I am a completely different photographer. I see things differently and I am influenced by every aspect of life. I have created a love for fine art work that will only continue to grow – and I am excited to watch my process continue.