Kathleen Migliore-Newton interview

Kathleen Migliore Newton, born in Monroe, Michigan, is a painter who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Can you detail the story behind one of your works selected for the exhibition?

This is one of my latest paintings of passengers on the subway. I painted this woman, imagining she came from a South Asian country and the colors that I associate with her culture. She could be a goddess, perhaps she dreams of her family there. She has a presence, a confidence that I hope I captured.

Where do you look for artistic inspiration? 

I am universal in taking inspiration for many different artists and periods: from Giotto to DeKooning, to R.B. Kitaj to Degas. I am attracted to drawing of the figure by many great artists. I love looking at faces and expressions and movement.  I use photos to work from, because it’s difficult to get people to pose and because candid photos widen the possibilities of who I can portray. Static poses do not inspire me so much. I use line and color to enhance my observations. I mix line drawing with painting. I start with a sketch or watercolor first and decide if I can see my way to an interesting painting on canvas.

What attracted you to the b.j. spoke gallery open call?

Several years ago I was selected to be in a group show at B. J. Spoke Gallery and was happy to have three paintings selected. The space was very professional and I felt privileged to be there. I am also impressed with the care the gallery has organized this virtual exhibit and look forward to the zoom opening and meeting the juror, Francesca Altamura.