Karen Theisen

Artist Statement
“My sculpture is about the intersection of nature and technology. The uneven surfaces, edges and textures of the organic objects that I use in my sculpture are found in nature, while the shapes of the sculptures reflect machine-made, geometric structures. I find the rocks that I use in my sculptures on hikes in the American West in California and New Mexico. Each rock is different from the next, no two rocks are the same.  While the endless variety and individuality of each component piece in the sculpture provide an antidote to the uniformity and sameness of our machine made environment, the geometric forms of the sculpture are based on a euclidean perfection found only in the man made, technological world. My work attempts to reconcile, through the viewer, the opposites of nature and technology. I want my sculpture to inspire the viewer just as nature does in the hopes that our environment will be protected and preserved for generations to come.”