Grau Interview


 How would you describe your artistic process?
I am most interested in turning away from myself & looking back out at the world. Maybe this is a sort of reinvention or rewriting of the past or a choice to make a different future. Hopefully these videos may be as open & receptive to the world as a camera or microphone. Discovering ways to invent with humility.

 Do you have any goals or resolutions for your artistic practice in 2021?
The video included here is from an ongoing series called Forgiveness. This project is about becoming separate from your self – – from your memories & from your body. These videos are meant to make peace with that separation. The grace of losing one self & gaining another, or else choosing to live selflessly. Often the past haunts us & this series is intended to be an exorcism. By the end of 2021 the first four videos should be finished.

 How will you continue to evolve your artistic practice?
Privacy & silence are great resources. They cost little money & the work can be small. Hopefully with time these videos will get smaller & smaller until they are almost invisible. In our time it is easy to immediately locate so many things but it becomes so difficult to hold on to mystery. It can be a blessing to not find what we are looking for. As this practice evolves hopefully it will live closer to that mystery. New videos may be hidden in different places — in train stations or Antarctica or the top of a mountain — left unsigned & anonymous. Perhaps it is naive to think we can remove identity from art but then again there is wonder in being naive.