Ginger Sosnowski interview

Ginger Sosnowski (b sometime in the 70’s, The Bronx, NY) Painter who lives in Huntington, NY.

What attracted you to the B.J. Spoke Gallery open call?
Ever since I moved from Queens to Huntington in 2004, I have been drawn to the gallery. Every time that I passed it, I would think to myself how cool it would be to have artwork on display there. I could never bring myself to stop into the gallery because I felt guilty that I hadn’t painted for so many years (almost 20 to be exact!). In the year 2020; after quite a few serendipitous events, I finally picked up a paintbrush again. One day I just happened upon the B.J. Spoke Gallery’s open call at which point I KNEW that I must submit some of my artwork…and here I am!

Where do you look for inspiration?

I don’t really look for inspiration, it just seems to jump out at me. I can be flipping through a magazine, scrolling through my phone, cooking or even driving down the street. Something will catch my eye usually because it’s my favorite food, my favorite color, or just because I think it’s beautiful or interesting. It has to have that special intrigue that makes me want to try and capture it as a painting to look at forever.

Can you detail the story behind one of your works selected for the exhibition?

Everything Bagel – This painting started out as a fancy lemon meringue dessert on a stainless steel table. It had a swirl of meringue with torched brown edges. The more I painted the subject as is, it became apparent that the viewer would not be able to recognize what it was. So I decided to abandon ship and opt for plan B. After much deliberation I decided that I could make it a bagel instead. A plain bagel would have been boring, so I went with my personal favorite the everything bagel. This painting was also my first attempt at painting on an aluminum surface. Being that the subject was on a stainless steel table, I thought it would be interesting to paint the shadows and scratch off the oil paint in places to reveal the metal underneath to help with the suggestion of the stainless steel tabletop. Pancakes – This painting doesn’t really have a story other than it’s one of my favorite foods. It was also another first for me, the first time I ever painted on a cradled panel. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the sides so I continued the pancakes and plate wrapping around the cradle. This painting didn’t take me as much time as some of my artwork, which I sometimes end up agonizing over. I learned that I am a better artist when I get out of my head and don’t think about the outcome.