Ginevra Babini interview

Ginevra Babini (b1997) is an Italian-American painter who lives and works in Lancaster, PA.  

Where do you look for artistic inspiration? 

I find inspiration for my concepts in modern-day language and norms. I like looking at scenes that we find ourselves in and creating images that might have the viewer wondering why I see them as necessary to stop in time and look upon. For the imagery, layouts, and patterns used, I often look at fashion magazines and movies. I have always spoken in movie and television quotes with my family — to an extent that it’s almost our own code — and my father has been a fashion photographer for 25+ years. I have a Rolodex of imagery in my head that tends to surface through my paintings due to these two main factors in my life.

How would you describe your artistic process? 

My process is to collage. I will photograph reference materials myself to capture the angles I want and the poses I’m looking for. However, I also pull from the internet, advertisements, pop culture, and organize everything together with photoshop or on a bulletin board. I then transfer the composition to the canvas to get the final product.

Can you detail the story behind one of your works selected for the exhibition?

Food Coma was a compilation of many thoughts, but to state it plainly, it was dreamt up during a Netflix and Chinese food binge. I remember looking at the amount of food we had ordered and saying to my mom, “this is so ridiculous, I need to paint this.” And then from there, I tried to amplify the scenes through the fabrics used, the details of the main character’s persona, and incorporating the Snow White-esque death scene.