Foad Seyed Mohammadi

Artist Statement
“Zoetrope narrates an immigrant photographer’s point of view. It is a metaphor of its creator’s observation; it is the story of an artist split between two societies, the Middle East and the West. The artwork is a contrast performatively shown in the woods by the dancer, who, resembling the illusion in Zoetrope, experiences a sense of vertigo with respect to the hegemony of surveillance images in the contemporary era. The work conveys life experiences through self-interactions with, and within, the environment. A viewer is sentenced to observing freely and through a virtual world simultaneously. The act of spinning, broken dance, and contrast of soft body and harsh nature the video until the whole becomes an amorphic form, transforms previously polished works of images and challenges the accepted ways of viewing images in society. The goal is for the viewer to receive the work with a feeling of whirling, repetition, and a loss of balance reinforced by the accompanying video.”

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