Floyd Frazier interview

Floyd Frazier (b1948, Fullerton, CA) is a painter who lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

What attracted you to the b.j. spoke gallery open call? 

CAFÉ I use this service to notify me of available calls.  Then I consider type of works solicited, consistent with the work I have done.  Lastly, I consider the theme of the call.  Nearly all calls have submission fees; submitting works for jury which are not consistent with the call’s theme, are not likely to be judged and thus are throwing money away.  Selectivity is beneficial in that respect and the use of a call service leads to best results.

Do you have any goals or resolutions for your artistic practice in 2021?

I am so anxious to get out among people again when this pandemic is over.  The three works accepted for this show, resulted from actual sightings I made in Manhattan.  They piqued my interest in terms of reflection, outrageous color, and juxtaposition of lifestyles against my own.  In my audio, I discuss my three accepted works as being persons, “perhaps on society’s fringe”; a boy approaching manhood, two women whose dress, while interesting, is a little outside the norm.  These are subjects to which I gravitate.

How would you describe your artistic process?  

I often have a sighting and think to myself that it is just so precious that I have to paint it.  Otherwise, I might search my photographs for those that were really interesting to me at their taking, and why?  Then I might play with filters against the photos until, realistic or impressionistic, I have an image I want to transfer to paint on canvas.  I have had exhibition success with both techniques; however, I think the most gratifying of my paintings are more realistic images.