Eriko Kobayashi

Artist Statement
“My ideas come from my nostalgic memories of the past combined with questions born from normal daily life. When do we feel fun? I have a fear that the fun will not last forever. That is why I want to “freeze” the pleasure. Time can be captured in the material of glass. While soft when heated, but hard and fragile when cooled, glass parallels the joys of my life. The soft, playful quality of glass represents a fun moment in everyday life, and that moment will be held by the glass as it cools down. I do not know when either will break. By utilizing the combination of multiple similar everyday objects, I create the feeling of suspended memories. In my work, I choose to emphasize the everyday object in a playful way in order to get the viewer to take notice of some of the common items that are often overlooked. These objects, like memories, constantly flow past our eyes. I choose to emphasize the appreciation for these playful objects in my glass work.”