Valerie Farrugia


“Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.” -E. O. Wilson

My English springer spaniel, Sunny, has shown me what it truly means to be
intimately connected to nature. It means to sit still and listen to the birds, crickets, and the sound of the wind moving the trees. It means to watch the birds in flight and notice how long they glide in the air until they have to flap their wings again. It means to inspect every single leaf to notice its beautiful colors and unique holes that an array of bugs have put into it. It’s necessary for humans to be deeply connected to nature and to think of themselves as one with nature. I am an environmental artist. I like to incorporate different materials such as wood, stained glass, and metal into my work. My work explores environmental issues, life on Mars, and the beauty of nature. What will the day look like when we can plant a tree on Mars? I’m influenced by the world around me and the abstract unknowns in the world. I like to explore the possibilities of life and the requirements for sustaining life on a planet.

Valerie Farrugia is currently working towards her BFA in Painting and Drawing and her BA in Art History at Stony Brook University. After her internship at b.j. spoke gallery in 2021, she was invited to stay on as a gallery member artist. She is currently working at the Stony Brook University’s Simons center for Geometry and Physics art gallery. She has participated in many fundraising exhibitions like “Art From the Wreckage” at The Long Island Maritime Museum and “Miniatures to Make a Maximum Impact” at The Reboli Center for Art and History. Valerie’s work was selected in a group show “DOWN TO EARTH” at Kathryn Markel Fine Arts in Bridgehampton, NY.