Richard Anello

The advent of the computer obviated a multitude of commercially artistic professions, and turned any computer operator (with the right programs) into an art and retouching studio and /or prepress house. With this change came the opportunity for the artist and photographer to cross boundaries and craft limitation to meld both disciplines into an art form the world has not seen before.

It was to this opportunity, after many years as a classical artist and printer, to which I gravitated. Keeping in mind Da Vinci’s use of camera obscura, I have strived to create, using painting techniques in a photographic framework, a visual idiom that utilizes the computer’s advanced capabilities, which has not been available to previous generations of artists. Even the act of generating a visual representation, whether a single “painting” or a limited edition of what once would have been called copies must be rethought in the context of computer assisted art forms. For if a piece only exists as binary code, causing it to appear on a substrate isn’t making a copy.

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