Lorraine Carol

Artist Statement 

My abstract paintings are  influenced by the Japanese mindset Wabi Sabi; the acceptance of transience and the beauty of things imperfect. Painting is both an emotional and physical experience for me. The process takes from me, as much as I put in.  I’m most comfortable with my canvas on the floor, allowing me to approach the piece from every direction.

My work is a convergence of color, line, shape, and stroke. I use acrylic paint as my main medium and mark parts of the painting with oil pastels, pencil and ink. Color mixing and color relationships are an important part of my work.  Often, the destruction of an original idea leads the work in an entirely new direction.  I use many methods of removing and adding color to create multiple layers and depth.  What comes off of the canvas becomes just as important as what goes on.

I want the viewer not to be entirely sure of what the focus is. All the parts can exist by themselves as well as come together to create an experience.

Below are works created in 2021 from my collection  Ever Changing.   I started with the desire to capture the essential qualities of the elements Air, Earth, Fire, and Water (with nuisances of space and spirit).  I studied their meanings and influences in different cultures and astrology.  It was the characteristics of the elements that inspired my work more than their visual reality.