Joe Whang

I like vintage clothing, old magazines, classical music, jazz, and old movies. I also like people who are old because they retain the old culture. When I first came to the US, I got really interested in older people in New York City. I took photos of them to make digital illustrations. I have dozen of such illustrations. Based on these illustrations, I have been painting them on canvas with acrylic using bright, vivid colors. Recently, I started using old magazines as reference and inspiration such as Sports Illustrated, and Vogue from the 70’s. I also buy some old photographs on eBay. More recently, I got interested in ordinary scenes in my daily life such as joggers and dog-walkers.

My painting process is almost always the same. First, I make a sketch based on a picture. Then I make a digital illustration using Adobe Illustrator to preview color scheme. Finally, I make an acrylic painting on canvas based on the digital illustration. I majored in graphic design and illustration, and I paint with bold, flat, vivid, and playful colors inspired by animations and vintage posters. While my subjects are mostly related to “old”, I want them to look bright and energetic.