Gia Schifano

Peace….. From the bluest summer skies with their reflections in mirrored water to the winding country roads, that is the serenity of Long Island. My paintings primarily portray the images of those secluded places that I love exploring from the North Shore to the East End. The nature, the light, the smell of salt air and honeysuckle is all the inspiration I have ever needed to put brush to canvas.

A self-taught artist, I paint every day. My camera is my sketchbook. Through the lens,  I look for light and shadow, colors and reflections, which enhance the look of the landscape. I have developed my realistic style in this way. It is my hope that my work brings a sense of peace to the viewer through my paintings of scenes far removed from our busy daily lives.

Along with my sea and landscapes, I also do portrait work which can be seen on my website I am a 7-time cover artist for Dan’s Papers. My work has won awards and graces homes from Manhattan to Montauk.