Cindy Shechter

Artist Statement

My work has always been informed by nature. I am always searching to discover and bring to life the unnoticed, those shapes, textures, forms and patterns that exist in the natural world, but are rarely noticed by the untuned eye. 

When looking through the lens of my camera I find the abstract patterns hidden in the bark of trees, on the sands on the beach, in the under currents of a body of water or in the shadows on the ground that have been cast by the sun shining through the leaves and foliage on the trees. Most of the time these patterns are ephemeral and exist for just a fleeting moment, for they are forever changing. But with my camera I capture that moment, bring it to life and make it permanent.

In my paintings I intuitively utilize organic shapes combined with expressionist colors, brushstrokes and patterns to create powerful representations of the abstract nature of the real world.  I paint without a preconceived notion of the final result, applying layer upon layer of paint until I find where the painting wants to go. When painting a representational subject matter, such as trees, I continue to use my love of paint and organic shapes combined with my abstract techniques to capture the expressive human quality of an individual tree as well as its strength and natural beauty.