Barbara V. Jones

Artist Statement

I am an abstract painter. I “create from within” to capture moods, feelings, textures, and movements thereby transforming the organic to pure abstraction. I strive to combine the dynamics of the individual hues to create variations in shade, tone and texture.

Elements of the landscape / natural world is present in my work. It is suggested in the ways in which the colors of the medium move, blend, and touch one another to create shapes and forms evocative of the natural world. Realism is rare. My inspiration is every aspect of the natural world. I am strongly attracted to the beauty, energy, and mystery of coastal settings and woodland environments: sea grasses and leaves, marshes and moss, earth and sand, dunes and valleys, bogs, etc. My paintings interpret my personal experiences. They are spiritual memories – The observer may see / feel something different, unique, unexpected. This is the joy of ‘sharing art’ – exhibiting!

I work exclusively on transparent plastic panels/forms – cylinders, tubes, blocks which allow free movement and blending of the colors on a slick surface. The paintings are translucent in appearance. If hung in a specific way they reflect onto a surface (wall) creating a 3-dimensional. Paintings may be a 2-sided work due to the transparent ground. Both results are architectural in scope.  I am inspired by the works of Gerhard Richter.