Anthony Adonis Lewis

Artist Statement
Born in Trinidad, grew up in Grenada. Born parents Grenadians. Immigrated to the US when I was a teenager. Consider my nationality a mix between Grenada, Trinidad, and the United States. I am very proud to have served in the United States Air Force, earning the Meritorious Service Medal and Commendation Medal with distinguished service. Graduate of the University of Oregon, BFA. Studied traditional art. I once worked in the computer industry for many years as an artist and art director before painting full time. My goal is to create a series of oil paintings titled “Survival”. Hopefully 40 to 60 oil paintings depicting the Black Caribbean people experience. My goal is to capture past and present day conditions. I am also examining my own personal Caribbean Heritage through my art.  Additionally, I’ve created and I’m creating digital art inspired by the Black Lives Matter protest in 2020.