Amy Usdin

Artist Statement
“Through needle-weaving and knotting, I create abstract mental and physical landscapes on aging fiber artifacts—in this grouping, fly nets for horses. The rope structures of these nets act as warp, their ragged imperfections woven into the new. This transformation becomes part of a continued narrative, informed by the familial moments and unexpected associations that their previous lives evoke. When I first began weaving on discarded nets, I’d been caring for a centenarian father in significant decline. In that, I felt a parallel to the careful but imperfect tending of worn objects that had outlived their use. As I continue the slow process of weaving within and across their fixed borders, redefining the nets through a personal lens of compliance, erasure, renewal, motherhood, and eldercare, I consider my own changing use. What began as autobiographical meditation has evolved into work that speaks more broadly to histories, loss, and longing, and to the dissonance of nostalgia.”