Steve Kaufman (estate)

Steve Kaufman aka “SAK” (1960-2010) former assistant to Andy Warhol

Steve Kaufman was a charismatic pop artist, humanitarian, and pioneer of Neo Pop Art. In his early years, Steve assisted Andy Warhol where he learned the art of silk screening. After leaving Warhol’s Factory, Steve evolved the art of silk screening by embellishing with oil paint and vivid colors that were embraced globally. He painted icons and trends that stirred the American spirit.

Steve Kaufman’s commissioned art includes The Warner Brothers Stores, Campbell’s Soup Company, Muhammad Ali, Frank Sinatra, Hugh Heffner, The Practice, Bravo, The Pawn Stars, Stan Lee, B.B. King, The Marilyn Monroe Estate and many more.

Steve’s paintings are part of a permanent collection in The Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Museum in Salzburg, Austria; The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in Stratford-upon-Avon, England; The Birthplace of Ludwig Van Beethoven in Bonn, Germany and the National Museum of Art, Reina Sofía in Madrid, Spain.

In 2009-2010 Steve’s Coca-Cola art was featured in “The World of Coca-Cola Museum” in Atlanta Georgia.   In 2015-2016 Steve’s art was also featured in “The Coca-Cola Bottle World Art Tour” inspiring Pop culture for 100 years. Today 4 of Steve’s Coca-Cola paintings are hanging in their corporate offices.

Steve died in 2010 at the age of 49 but his art continues to be exhibited, placed into museums, homes and corporations.


“I’m truly blessed to be doing what I’ve always wanted – CREATE. I have found a freedom that is hard to put into words. I always wondered about my projects – which artists are working on what, and which directions should I take? I don’t even think of those things now. I passionately go into my studio and ask myself, what would I like to create today?” – Steve Kaufman  and

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