Sarah Frieberg

My art is an exploration of meditation innately influenced by the tangible and intangible aspects of our natural environments. It seeks to uncover unseeable moments of stillness; an enveloping quietness of a calming unknown. I work in both two and three dimensional media, as paper, wood, clay, tea grounds, eggs and decomposed plant matter. In my observations of nature, I focus on rhythms, cycles, patterns and repetitions; lines, texture, light, and hues. Abstraction of these elements provides the visual vocabulary while the instability of raw materials frees my controlling nature to let go and capture fragments of stillness and express a quiet moment. Where within the stillness, distractions of life fall away; worries, concerns and fears. In that moment through my work, I am afforded and offer up to a viewer the possibility or inkling to relate to a moment of stillness on their own.

                Sarah Frieberg – Line Series 2