Mack Gingles

Mack Gingles- Longest Day

The “Where you find it” series is a quiet story that follows a woman through an ethereal landscape in search of something lost. This fiction is a way for me to explore the dynamics between humankind, nature, and the animals that inhabit it.  The seeker in communion with nature is presented as an ideal in some ways, but in other ways, it reveals a truth that might hurt and would be difficult for us to unlearn.  Deforestation is widely recognized as a threat to our future, but the dialog on this issue is conspicuously absent from politics. Land that was once full of wildlife and memory is now commercialized and named after the trees that were once growing freely. Everything hidden in ‘the wild’ is plain to see with current technology.  I offer these narratives as a way to imbue this space with wonder again and question our actual engagement with nature. The subjects are unmistakably disjointed to suggest that our relationship with nature is becoming increasingly limited and artificial.