Lisa Turtz

Abraham’s Fete with Three Angels – Genesis Va-Yera18:1-15.

My favorite parts of painting are the beauty of combining colors, the creativity of ideas and the humor in the worlds created. I see whimsical connections between things and they make me smile. I have been attending Torah discussions for many years. Ideas fly and whirl around the table interspersed with commentary, thoughts of Rabbis throughout the ages, debating with one another across centuries. Talmud comments go round & round in convoluted circles which then somehow lead back to the point. These paintings of Torah stories are special to me, a bashert coming together of worlds: Painting, Torah & Hebrew, as if in alignment with the stars, something meant to be. I am my best self when I paint.  I paint from my heart. I set colors on colors & in some haphazardness of luck or inspiration, the overlay of what happens is beautiful and I leave it. My goal is to delight the viewer, to cause smiles and laughter, joy and pleasure, and to find beauty in color, pattern and subject of the art