Fatiha Kheddaoui

Bustan Al Kasr after airstrikes, Aleppo, Syria

I embroider large window screens where thread casting shadows is part of the experience and my signature work and concept since 2007. The term ruin refers to the past, but what if it is a constant? I look at continuous images from my news feed that eventually become white noise. We all consume news daily. Sooner or later it becomes a place of discomfort and fiction, masking the real destruction of places far away from our day-to-day lives. The artistically slow process of embroidery results in having to look closely at every stitch. I pause and observe in the images the sheer deconstruction from what was a home and safe place. Stitching the immense ruins where vibrant inhabitants dwelled, I can feel the life that was there a moment ago, now replaced by ghost like images. Will they come back? Did anyone survive? What is next? Are those the places from where the refugees come? Looking at the engagement and disengagement of the world community, I am adding to my series of Debris.