Jana Kris – The Body of Earth

Oct 3, 2017 - Oct 29, 2017

Guest Artist,  Jana Kris will exhibit a collection of  paintings in her solo exhibition “The Body of Earth.”

Earth is Woman.    Woman is Earth.  This primal connection is one that I believe most women sense within themselves.  The Body of Earth series came to me while I was living and painting in Tucson, Arizona.  After leaving New York to live in the American Southwest, the palette of my work became primarily influenced by the colors of bare stone and sky.  I was utterly captivated by red-hued mesas and the ancient cavernous folds of the Canyon Lands.

The Body of Earth is heavily inspired from my desire to reclaim the female image from the disconnected and often damaging representations that are so pervasive in advertising and mass media.  In these paintings there is joy in the movement and flow of the land.  There is dance in the richly muted tones of the woven bodies of women that curve and bend to create their world.  They think and feel and are alive, while actually being the structure of everything……And always there is a reminder within their canvas universe that something greater exists.”

Jana Kris will be at b.j. spoke gallery on October 22nd (12-4pm) for the Huntington Village Art Walk.