emanuela harris-sintamarian


As an artist, I am interested in choices: what remains to be seen, what is absent and how decisions are made. As an immigrant artist, my work is informed by the relationship between my identity to my sense of displacement, memory/ narrative, and movement/ changes, Most recently I have been drawn into fragmented and fictitious landscape as a mean to devised to reconcile these incongruous elements of personal displacement/ replacement. Although I still follow a pictorial logic, I tend to defy conventional depictions of forms, colors, space I do no paraphrase a real space, rather in between spaces. My working method is serial and intuitive consisting of blending of techniques and mediums. I am interested in surface tactility, immediate/gestural marks, which at once build onto each other and cancel each other, thus I am more connected with the act of painting and drawing, rather than a pre-digested aesthetic.