Danny Glass

RISD Museum

I create paintings whose subjects are based on real people I have observed. The most inspiring interactions of figures, space and light occur out in the world. I seek those moments and manipulate my observations to create compositions. In addition to sketching, I take many photos to aid my memory of any given space. I utilize classical and digital techniques to arrive at a final composition which serves as my guide in creating a painting. Through my figurative paintings I hope to communicate the specific and unique emotions of those people I observe. My guiding criterion for choosing what to paint is how well it expresses the thought I wanted to express through the painting.

I believe figurative art clearly a nd emphatically communicates ideas to the  viewer. Another criterion is how well the scene allows me to explore space, light and figures to create a complex scene full of lively figures. Ultimately only the painting shows that thing about the scene that grabbed my attention.