Is b.j. spoke gallery the right choice for you?  We are an artist-run cooperative that presents shows of members’  work in our gallery space in Huntington Village, Long Island.  We have a mission of community education.  Our members are varied in the kind of art they produce, ranging from realistic to abstract and embracing many media and means of expression.  Each of us brings skills to the table that help to keep the gallery alive and active.  These might be computer skills, planning, publicity, show preparation – you name it. The gallery exists because of the art and the efforts of its members.  Through member efforts, we hang one show per month, run two juried competitions per year, have an open submissions event for our community, host poetry nights, charity events, artist talks and a bi-monthly “artist circle” discussion group.  Perhaps most important, we provide a community for one another.  We can talk about art, our own and others, and the ideas that keep us painting, sculpting, moving and changing.  If this combination of effort and opportunity appeals to you, then perhaps you should consider applying for membership.

If you are interested in becoming a member, you can find our membership application form by clicking this link: membership application.

Here is a general description of how membership works at the b.j. spoke gallery.

Full Membership

The Artist/Gallery Agreement