Cindy Konits

Cindy Konits – Mother #3

Viewing 8mm family film c.1940 in frame-by-frame playback reveals details otherwise invisible at the normal playback rate of moving images. I select the most revealing stillframes to enhance and enlarge from the original ¼”” dimension approx. 10,000% (15″”x21″”) with digital painting. I customize an algorithm to scan each pixel of the enhanced still frame to determine color value and arrange the pixels in rows according to hue, saturation, or brightness. This image is then blended with the original to create algorithmic variations of the 8mm family film still-frames. As photography and cinema transition away from film, links to physical reality fully slip, since digital capture is only a calculation of time and light converted directly to code. Algorithmic variations of 8mm family film stillframes address the losses associated with the passage of time and conjuring of memories compounded by loss of the tangible in the digital age.