Christopher Michel


The Destination

My name is Christopher Michel, my artist name is CAM. My artistic style is a combination of abstract, expressionism and folk art. Critics have described my style of art as Outsider/Art Brut, because I am a self taught artist with military disabilities. Mixing mediums allows me to tie paintings together for a detailed finished look. The process of my art contains exploration and taking risks to create unique paintings. Influences for the thoughts and ideas for my art stem from being a war veteran, as well as my education of anthropology. The concepts also derive from dreams and visions that I can recall or have noted. Everything in the world around me can be accountable for what is produced in my art; However, I try not to look at other images when I paint and only concentrate on how I can make each individual painting a success. What success means to me is if a painting I am working on allows me to express myself freely.