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M. Mark Bauer

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Yellow Belly”s Shell Game Under a Full Moon

My images are derived from multiple sources. The contrasts and activity of my paintings reflect the voyage through a human dominated world with its perplexing and unpredictable realities. I use humor and sarcasm in my art to help me cope with humankind’s folly of self-destruction. Is it possible that human’s privileged intellect can be used to save us yet or will we continue to exploit our world to the point of no return?

Natalia Bessonova

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Apple Tree

My name Natalia Bessonova . As an artist I work hard to create my own unique look and style, not to be confused with other’s work. I like to redesign familiar objects by dematerialization, by creating just a decorative piece and breaking some scene down to geometric forms. I paint mood with the color.

I graduated from the Saint Petersburg Art and Industry Academy in 2005, earning a degree in Glass Art and Design. Prior to that I took 5 years of painting classes.   After graduation, I moved to the New York City area, where I continued painting. Being close to NYC helps me to stay in touch with modern art trends.

My painting style has changed many times throughout my life. While I have strong traditional skills, I like to experiment with different textures, colors, shapes. I have sold numerous paintings to private collectors in the United States and worldwide.
One of my personal highlights was being a participant at NYC ArtExpo in 2012. My works have also been featured in galleries.

Camilla Marie Dahl

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The Board of Discontent – detail

Through painting and sculpture, I investigate how young women navigate their ways in a world riddled with contradictory messages, rules, and expectations regarding female sexuality. My work addresses the effects such incongruities and pressures can have on body image and one’s sense of self, and the ways in which women adapt to and cope within their given circumstances. Subtleties in expression and body language can speak louder and more truthfully than words to the human experience, and so, with these pieces, I aim to capture the unique and complex relationships individuals have with their own bodies.

A parallel body of work pays homage to the pain and suffering individuals endure in privacy and silence, behind closed doors or beneath masked faces. Through a transition of stark geometric forms to organic, figurative forms that express human discomfort, longing, and defeat, these works explore man’s cognitive struggle to exist within an strictly ordered, man-made world.

Daniel Byrd

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The idea of making a mark can be interpreted two different ways, one being a thing physically making a mark and another making a mark on society. In my work I like to investigate these interactions through finding a variety of ways to make a different mark and put them in a space to challenge or compliment one another. The idea of graffiti has been a large influence my work, where a group of people from different places with their own rendition of the alphabet will attack a wall and try to outshine another.

Ava Carney

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I am a mixed media artist from Chicago, Illinois and recent graduate from Alfred University. Although my studies were oriented toward sculpture, specifically ceramics, I experiment and conduct visual research in a range of formats and mediums. In my practice, clay enables lucid refinements of form and satisfies an urge for tactility, while digital and analog two-dimensional formats allow for the creation of complex imagery. Over the past year and a half, I have focused my interests on how distortions of the figure influence emotional and psychological responses to the human form and how modern grooming devices govern acts of body maintenance and alteration. I am intrigued by the generation of value through the manipulation of visual elements – in both art objects and mass consumer goods – as well as the boundaries and intersections between the aesthetics of the desirable, the grotesque, the precious and the disposable.

Elizabeth Cassidy

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Mother and Child Reunion

I believe art should cause a reaction. Whether it is to make one smile or to make one think long and hard about a subject being presented, I believe this every time I put pen to paper.
This partial series came about because I allowed the watercolor and white spaces to show me what to create. These faces showed up because they needed to come to life.
I am the founder of Little Love Letters: A Peaceful Revolution that was started after the Orlando massacre. The 3.5 x 2 cards feature my art on one side and a message of hope on the other. It is my way of giving back and my way of stating that we can and must do better in the world.


Elizabeth Ferran

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Untitled 009

Elizabeth Ferran’s artwork collection includes nature inspired paintings, layered abstract drawings, detailed fractals and clean geometric shapes. Her paintings and drawings express a minimal style, articulated with organic shapes, texture and movement.

Gale Gibbs

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Just a Little Heartbreak

I draw what I see and imagine, and consider how it effects my environment at Large. I use cartoon, opera, theatre platforms and narrative form to tell my continuing story.