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J. L. Abrahman

June 25, 2017 Comments Off on J. L. Abrahman Paperworks Winners 2017

Especially by J. L. Abraham

“Alphabets are apertures, openings to look through. “Homage to the Alphabet” follows years of exploring writing as drawing, text as a basis for pattern, and color. I created a complete alphabet, which is now the basis of a continually evolving multi-part project, with at present four dimensions: a set of prints each containing a complete alphabet; a series of letter/prints, each based on a single letter; texts created from versions of these letters; and an alternate sequence constructed from layered portions of different letter blocks.”



Mark Acciari

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Collected Evidence 6 and 7 by Mark Acciari

New York: Huntington
Police are looking for a man who sold paper produce outside of Stop and Shop on Saturday, April 29. Police Lt. Steve Van told the Huntington Patch that the man assembled a makeshift farmers’ market and sold faux meats to unsuspecting shoppers. It was not until it began to drizzle that victim Bernadette Polizzi noticed her paper carrots began to wrinkle. The suspect is described as a Caucasian male, about 6 feet, 250 pounds, short dark hair, blue eyes, supple lips, and a thin beard. He is being sought in connection with a string of paper forgeries in the Trenton area. Police believe he is behind a similar scam selling paper office supplies and paper electronics outside of local businesses. If you have any information regarding this crime please contact the local authorities at 631-549-5106.

Yossi Ben Abu

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Islands by Yossi Ben Abu


Yossi Ben Abu is an Israeli born artist who currently lives and works in San Francisco, creating mixed media artworks and sculptures. Yossi’s work is often about contact with architecture and basic geometrical elements. Shapes, space and forms are examined in less obvious ways and sometimes developed in absurd ways. In a search for new ways to express himself, Yossi focuses on the use of 3D Tessellations – arrangements of shapes closely fitted together, in a repeated pattern.  Yossi latest work – the Swirl collection is a series of 8 handmade, paper designs, composed from a mesh of transformed square pyramids. The pyramid tessellation is twisted, extended, dragged and protracted in space to create a new three-dimensional composition.

Joomi Chung

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Interstate 1 (Frame from Video) by Joomi Chung

“My work evolved surrounding the idea of gradually unfolding image-space, a visual field and physical site made of observed, remembered, and imagined realities. As the image grows and transforms through abstraction and accumulation of materials, it weaves two modes of representations, map-landscape which implies locating and being, seeing and becoming. Interstate (2016) explores the idea of memory as a continuously expanding and contracting mental space where fragments of memories are woven together into a flux of images. Fragmentation, juxtaposition and superimposition of images and sounds; compression, stretching, warping, and repetition of time; and filters, masks, and rotoscoping are some of the techniques used to explore the idea of plasticity of time, memory, and image-space.”

Angelika Ejtel

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You Have Small Braids Like Spider Threads by Angelika Ejtel

“I consider my photographic creation a poetic experience. My work is inspired by the poetry of a famous Polish poet-Halina Poswiatowska. I find beauty in its simplicity, metaphorical message, and liberty of interpretation. I search for the same values depicting the meaning of her poems. I use myself as a subject. My preferred medium is photography, I would love to experiment painting, art/text, and collage. My images encompass the motifs of love, solitude and death. Slow, silent and at times painful, these portraits being self-portraits whisper in silence, cry in loneliness or scream in suffering, always between love and death. My objective to re-examine the eternal question of human existence is the one Poswiatowska probes in her poem: “can anyone entangle between love and death an anecdote about being” (English translation by M. Lugowski)

Tom Fleming

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Vermilion Sands by Tom Fleming

“I am interested in exploring the fertile ground that exists on the boundary between representation and abstraction, through a methodology that results in works that are simultaneously both object and image. Whilst my work is in one sense highly graphic – using flat, bright color and clean lines – the depth that is created through the cutting and layering of the card is central to how the pieces are experienced. I use this process to both reinforce and undermine a reading of pictorial depth into the works, playing with the ambiguities between figure and ground and creating subtle visual illusions that contradict our expectations of pictorial space through the suggestion of improbable – or impossible – sculptural and architectural forms.”

Adam Goldman

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Fallout Pattern by Adam Goldman

“Upon opening mail sent in a security envelope, I am often struck more by the envelope’s interior than by its contents. The pattern meant to prevent others from seeing inside an envelope is itself something to see. I imagine the person asked to come up with a security pattern. It would be simple enough to copy one. But sometimes, they choose instead to make something new, and undeniably beautiful. They choose to make art. Over the years, I began examining the security envelopes I receive in the mail, and saving those rare ones with compelling patterns. The images were printed cheaply, in low-fidelity, but I always pictured the continuous lines of the artist’s sketch. By turning rough pixels into smooth lines, I have sought to approximate those original drawings. The result is a series of over 30 images. My project is about recognizing these images as art, and giving them the attention they deserve.”

Marco Hernandez

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El Juego Peligroso by Marco Hernandez

“My current body of work explores issues of religion, society, and politics in contemporary Mexican culture. I’m also inspired by my personal experiences growing up as a Mexican Immigrant in California and the Midwest. Mexican and Mexican American symbols play a large role in my prints. The symbols span from ancient Mesoamerican imagery to contemporary popular culture items such as the Valentina hot sauce. Life experiences and a traditional Mexican upbringing have influenced my thoughts and beliefs, and ultimately been inspirational in regards to the imagery and meaning in my current work.”