Brian Turkowski

Passages No. 01


Passages are a cycle of thirteen works that continues the artist’s practice of using leather, “flesh”, as a sculptural medium. The reappropriated horse saddles set on end with accents in 24 karat gold leaf emphasize the feminine form and primordial contours of each piece. In these works the artist is interested in the relationships between objects: the link between the dichotomous concepts of human and animal, where a piece of flesh (the hide saddle), serves as a unifying and connective bond between these binary states of being. The saddles were previously conventionally used and contain the effects of sweat and wear from both human and beast, which is embraced as part of the sculptural process. The layered nature of the pieces are reflected in the title Passages, which by definition is: a passing from one location, state or condition to another; or suggestive of the materials, a formal dance-like equestrian trot, where horse and rider momentarily become suspended in air.