Brandon Williams

My work is meticulous and technical; this tight precision encourages a closer observation. Visually, it is filled with organic textures and geometric patterns. I am inspired by areas and the history within them. I am interested in time and how it visually affects locations.

In Cahoots by Brandon Williams

Creating an atmosphere thatemphasizes the past while capturing the complexity and beauty of decay or growth is a major theme in my work. The tension between the built environment and the natural environment, and how the two compete over the years against each other is fascinating to me. The everyday constant power struggle of life in the natural world and society are expressed in the pieces. Memory, both episodic and semantic are integral in my research. Conceptually, they are self reflections and recollections. Ideas of change, conflict, and finally acceptance are key parts in the work. Time only moves in one direction. This unidirectional path leaves behind both positive and negative aspects. What will remain?