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Linda Barsotti

June 6, 2018 Comments Off on Linda Barsotti FOCUS 2018 WINNERS

Study 3 by Linda Barsotti

In “Beyond the Mundane” I give consideration to those objects in the house that are mundane, utilitarian objects: cleaning supplies, electronic parts and construction materials, specially chosen objects that might be associated with femaleness or maleness. I have manipulated and re-contextualized them into a new form removing their function and embracing androgyny.

I observe viewers of my work initially responding to the abstractness of the objects. However, once cognizant of what it actually is, there is a shift in perception and identity: women identify more readily with the cleaning supplies, men with objects associated with tech or construction. This gives cause to re-evaluate assumptions and stereotypes.

While gender is a construct and not a binary, do we pigeonhole ourselves into an ill-defined collection of behaviors and characteristics that we have decided are male or female?

Angela Belt

June 6, 2018 Comments Off on Angela Belt FOCUS 2018 WINNERS

Vestige #49 by Angela Belt

My interests lie in intersections of humankind and the more-than-human world, and photography’s ability to interpret them.

Vestiges reflects on our influence upon nature, created at a Bristlecone Pine grove in Colorado’s Mountains. At over 1,000 years old, these trees have prospered in one of the planet’s harshest environments. Rising from thin, arid soil at 11,200-feet, they endure fierce perpetual winds, long droughts, and year-round temperatures near to well-below freezing. I’m awed by their formal  beauty, carved from the austere, remote environment they call home. I’m moved by their strength and resilience against time, wind, altitude…everything but us.

I captured the images with long-expired Polaroid 665 pos/neg film. The nature of the film–its imperfections and a truncated tonal range–juxtaposed with the unique Bristlecone forms, implies steadfast value of the past, and a sense of unease for a future where industry and technology supersede adopting balance with nature.

Ennid Berger

June 6, 2018 Comments Off on Ennid Berger FOCUS 2018 WINNERS

Abstraction in Black, White & Yellow by Ennid Berger

These six photographic prints are part of a series of photograms, made without a camera, and printed in my traditional darkroom. Each abstract image began as a unique black and white silver gelatin monoprint. I hand painted certain compositional elements to emphasize the spatial and energetic nature of the work.

Joan Lobis Brown

June 6, 2018 Comments Off on Joan Lobis Brown FOCUS 2018 WINNERS

Women of an Uncertain Age: Indomitable Baby Boomers by Joan Lobis Brown

Baby boomer women, those born between 1945 and 1964, the first generation to expect that they could “have it all”- are once again pioneers – fighting ageism and sexism. They are rapidly changing our culture and politics. These images are from “Women of an UNcertain Age: Indomitable Baby Boomers Challenging Cultural Norms” my portraiture series with accompanying text from interviews, that focuses on American women of diverse ethnicities, religion, sexual identities, professions and socioeconomic backgrounds. As these women enter their mid-50s, 60s and 70s, they are defying stereotypes. These are ordinary baby boomers who have shattered stigma to become extraordinary women launching new careers, achieving physical goals and overcoming challenges. These women are strong, resilient, tenacious, courageous and unstoppable. Their stories cover a wide variety of accomplishments: they are athletes, scholars, activists, businesswomen, artists, immigrants and survivors. Role models, all.

McCormick Brubaker

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Ellen Nude by McCormick Brubaker

I am interested in revealing what is unnoticed or hidden in our everyday reality-be it an object, a pattern, the mood of light. To quote the photographer Jay Maisel: “Images are everywhere.You have to be open to them.” As a photographer, I look at what others just pass by. American Realism reflects my pleasure with the intricacies of the world. These more traditional photographs many taken with a large format camera, which is best able to convey exactitude. My purpose in these portfolios is to render in the clearest detail possible the vastness and minuteness of what I see. Sometimes these visions have unexpected ironies and humor; other times they gesture to the sublime.

Cathleen Campbell

June 6, 2018 Comments Off on Cathleen Campbell FOCUS 2018 WINNERS

\”Anthony (Beauty is Tough\” by Cathleen Campbell

The spirit captured in these photos is resiliency, defiance, vulnerability, and faith. I shot all six in Harlem and the South Side of Chicago, my two homes. Each image is both indelibly rooted in place and undeniably about transcendence. I think everyone can relate to two worlds within. I hated Blues music growing up. Beyond evoking the Deep South, poverty and the past, the songs conveyed the inevitability of struggle. Who could have predicted how much the Blues would influence my work? My 6 photos explore the paradox of aspiration, evoking both presence and absence: a melancholy girl whose cornrow braids echo the American flag dangling above her; two street-scarred young men almost dropping their tough-guy masks; a 94 year-old woman dressed up  beyond Easter on an ordinary Sunday, and an abandoned rowboat beached next to a tenement deep into winter. Aspiration. Perseverance. My photos are deceptively simple and complex, just like the Blues.

Alaina Enslen

June 6, 2018 Comments Off on Alaina Enslen FOCUS 2018 WINNERS

Hudson River II by Alaina Enslen

This series is inspired by the Hudson River School Painters’ aesthetics and their deep regard for conservation. I am exploring using sustainable materials such as reclaimed and regrowth wood, archival papers, and beeswax from local bee farmers in the Hudson Valley to create unique encaustic photographs of New York’s landscapes.

Nicholas Fedak II

June 6, 2018 Comments Off on Nicholas Fedak II FOCUS 2018 WINNERS

Rear Window by Nicholas Fedak

My work is about splendor in decay. These images are visual ghosts that capture the passing light and an essence of what was. What happened to the strangers who laughed and lived? Are we seeing what’s left of their forgotten dreams? Or only an illusion of what’s been left behind? My work is transparent and fleeting, as is memory and the intangible, evanescent past. With my body of work, the past is yet to come!