Nicolette Pach

Artist statement

Raised by artists, I was exposed to a variety of mediums. I completed my first quilt in 1979. Since then I have progressed from traditional patchwork to creating my own quilt designs to making artwork for visual consumption without concern that be used as a quilt. In the last five years I have broken out of quilting into mixed media. Sometimes it’s hard recognize when I am being held back by the “rules” and boundaries between art and craft disciplines. I have incorporated new materials and techniques into my work – fabric intended for other uses: polyester sheers, lame, and stabilizer and interfacing of spun bond polyester; Tyvek; and a variety of recycled plastics. I assemble my pieces with stitches and glue. I paint them and I manipulate them with heat to melt, bubble or partially disintegrate them. I still enjoy incorporating traditional quilting and embroidery techniques.

The fact that I live by the sea and enjoy the outdoors influences my work. In my garden a dragonfly at close range revealed her color, lightness of being and cannibalism. She showed up in several pieces. I love to swim in the ocean and try to capture my impression of ocean reefs and beaches. Concern for our environment is part of my work as well.


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